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Proudly serving the music community since 1983.
The world's largest single store inventory of used musical gear.
Over 53,397 internet transactions since July 8, 1995
Over 26,000 used keyboards sold since June 1983
Over 13,000 used guitar pedals sold since June 1983
Over 28,000 used studio gear pieces sold since June 1983
Over 11,000 used drum machines sold since June 1983
Voted Best Music Store in New York by the Village Voice
Zagat's NYC Shopping guide says:
"Everyone from Madonna to Michael Jackson has stopped by
this store to rummage amid the daily-changing stock of hard
to find used instruments at rock bottom prices."

The History Of Rogue Music

Rogue Music was born in 1983. It began as an attempt to sell a Prophet 5 by keyboardist Dick Michaels of the New York City band Rogue. The keyboard was difficult to sell for cash, but easy to trade for a tape deck, guitar, and bass. Well, the bass came in handy, but not the guitar and tape deck. Once again a trade was made and so on and so on until today, we believe we sell more used gear than any single store in the world.

As our business grew trends have come and gone. First it was guitars, then it was keyboards, then analog synths, then vintage studio gear, now it's guitars again.

While the emphasis has been on used gear, along the way we have picked up many new lines. For items we don't stock we can usually get you a good price though one of our partner stores. In order to ensure that our used gear is in tip-top shape, we have a fully authorized service department that checks out everything we buy and makes all necessary repairs. Our repair department is staffed by expert technicians and is authorized by Akai, Kurzweil, Roland, Korg, Yamaha and others.