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Rogue School of Music

Rogue Music offers lessons with true experienced pros.
Instructors that have played with artists such as John Lennon... (more names to come)
Guitar, Bass, Drums, Vocals, Piano, Organ! ALMOST ANY INSTRUMENT!

Did you say "Turntables"...? YES!!
DJ lessons for DJ's. Drum Machines! Samplers! Keyboards! Sythesizers! Saxophone! Violin! Harmonica! Congas! ALMOST ANY INSTRUMENT!!

Any Style!
Rock, Jazz, Blues, Dance, Pop, Hip Hop, Bebop, AfroPop, JazzPop, Acid, House, Acid House! Country, Western, Country AND Western!... ANY STYLE!!

Half hour lessons: $35.00
1 hour lessons: $50.00
Package Pricing Available
We provide instruments and Coffee!

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